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Skin Tone

Skin Tone

As we know that to make skin glow and smooth is a difficult job and is very much expensive if you do it professionally. Skin is the most subtle part of human body and is to be touched with very exact methods. To lighten a skin tone, people use diverse technique. To lighten skin tone you have to put in very much effort.

Here are Some Tips to Lighten Skin Tone:

Use Lemons:

One of the approaches is to use lemon juice on skin. Lemon juice is a caustic juice. It has normal bleaching properties. Mostly people try to use lemon juice to whiten skin, and they know that they cannot fundamentally alter skin tone using lemons. The finest you can get is skin will improve a few shades brighter. The effects aren’t enduring.

Lighten skin fast

Oat Meal and Aloe Vera Scrub:

Aloe Vera has medical qualities and anti-inflammatory possessions. Take a handful of dry oats mix it with some aloe Vera gel and banquet it on your face easily for 5 minutes, then sabbatical it for some time, then wash off with tap water. Do not use the scrub on pimple and try to make sure that it lightens your skin properly without affecting your skin.

Lightening skin

Honey and Tea Water Face Pack:

This is the best treatment to lighten skin naturally. Take 1 cup of tea cool water and add 2 Tbsp. of rice flour and ½ teaspoon of honey in it. Blend them well and smear it on face almost 20 minute, knead your face in round gesture before wash the face. Honey is a virtuous cause of conditioner and rice flour works for scrub. It will make skin glow and soft.


Lightening skin tone

Apply Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera gel is the best for eliminating oils and lightens the skin. This gel has anti-oxidants that cuts wrinkles on face and damp that makes skin soft and agile. Rub this gel to your face for 10 minutes and then rinse it. It will make your skin tanned and fair.


How to lighten skin


Oatmeal and Tomato:

Oatmeal helps exfoliate the skin while tomato conditions the skin and at the same time uphold its youthful glow. To make use of these two elements, just blend the oatmeal with a tomato juice. Smear them mixture on the face for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This will surly help lighten skin tone.

How to lighten skin tone

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